Make Me (The Sterling Shore Series Book 10)Make Me by C.M. Owens
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5 star

Well what another fantastic addition to the Sterling Shore Series, and for me one of the best storylines so far. Right throughout this series I have desperately wanted to know more about Dale, always the quiet, brooding and sensible one, I really needed to know what made him tick and what type of woman would bring him to his knees. Harley Hayden was that woman, and I loved reading every single detail about this couple.

Both Dale and Harley had demons to fight, both for very different reasons, but none more or less heart breaking than the other. Harley was the kid bullied in school, the one who didn’t fit and didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin, but the experiences she dealt with really made her one kicka** heroine in this book. There were times when I wanted her to let go of the past and just concentrate on her future, but once you meet all the characters who wronged her, you really begin to understand her motivation and determination. Dale, well what can I say about Dale, I was so intrigued by him and this book certainly didn’t disappoint. Dale certainly had his moments both good and bad. I loved how this story really focused on Dale and Harley, it gave the book and the characters so much more depth.

As with all of the Sterling Shore books there were so many laugh out loud moments, but they were balanced with plenty of heart-warming and heart breaking moments. There were little glimpses of our beloved characters from past books, and this story really showed the strength and bond of the group. We were also introduced to Vivica Drivel, man do I want to be like her when I grow up, she was a fantastic addition to the book and a really loveable character.

Another fantastic read and I can’t wait for the remaining books in this series.

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