Spotlight: Author Sloane Murphy

Have you ever read books by Sloane Murphy? If your answer is no then you should!

One of our awesome reviewers Krissy has and she is in love! Check out her summary of this new author's Immortal Chronicles Series, Books 1-3 are out now and Book 4 is coming soon.

When I started reading this series, I was in dire need of a paranormal fix.  It had been awhile since I'd read paranormal, and Descent was recommended to me by two of my bookbesties.  So, I dug in and was pleasantly surprised at the emotions the book threw my way, and only at a third of the way in.  On top of that, this was a debut novel, and although I noticed similarities between this book and a few other popular books, it still had it's own intriguing story line.  I thought she did a great job on her first book and as I read the other two in the series, I can definitely see the growth in her writing. 

In book two, the story gets even better, new characters are introduced and super awesome fact...Danni from our very own blog and her two boys, are in this book as Dani, Tyson and Kyle ... I mean how mother effin awesome is that?! Of course, then we get to the end of the book and I about die from the cliffy.  It's a killer!  

The third book starts off and I'm teary eyed.  I don't want to accept that what happened in book two is real.  Needless to say, our girl Addie gets thrown for another loop.  She really can't catch a break. She's kind of shoved into the Royal way of life, but she handles it well and you can really see her growth as the book progresses.  I'm finally starting to come around and come to terms with my heartbreak from book two, when another twist comes and has me reeling.  Again I'm about to die from yet another cliffy! You're killin me smalls!! I have so many mixed emotions right now and i can't even tell you what I want to happen because, I honestly don't know.  I'm dying for the final installment! If you're looking for a new author and a great paranormal read, this is a great series to one click!  Now if only there was a way to get Sloane to write quicker, because I need book four like yesterday!!

Head to Sloane's Amazon page Here and go one click these amazing books!

About the Author

By day, Sloane Murphy works full time as an account manager and by night writes escapism in the form of Paranormal Romance, all while looking after her fur baby & Mr M. She was born and raised in England along with 2 sisters, 2 brothers and a plethora of cousins, and comes from a REALLY big family!

Sloane is currently working on the Immortal Chronicles series, alongside some other Top Secret projects too. She likes to be busy - unless busy involves doing the dishes, but that seems to be when all the ideas come to life.


  1. Love this series can't wait for #4. Told my mom about it but she could not find it on nook. Is it a kindle exclusive?

    1. I think that they are only in paperback on the B&N site, but if you visit her Facebook page she will be able to give you more details


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