Stroked (Stroked, #1)Stroked by Meghan Quinn
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I didn't used to read sports romance, but Elle Kennedy made me love hockey. So I devoured all the hockey books I could. I didn't think I would ever like another sports romance until Meghan Quinn blew my mind with Stroked.

Before I get into the characters I loved, let me focus on the person I hated, Belleni. Sure, I've disliked evil characters before, but never have I wanted to jump into a book and throat punch a girl so bad before. Picture the Kardashians, Donald Trump and every other hated reality star rolled into one and you have this amazing gem . I'm not sure how you kept your food down when writing her chapters, but bravo.

Reese and his extreme Alphaness pulled me in. Though he had a strong personality, there's was a hidden sensitivity about him that made me swoon. He wanted Paisley and he always gets what he wants.

Paisley was so funny. Her awkwardness, hilarity and Reese avoidance tactics had me dying. After a life changing event, she is forced to work for Bellini. She deserved a medal for dealing with that nutty girl and was definitely rewarded when she caught Reese's eye and their steaminess was off the charts.

This book is definitely one of my tops in 2016 and I can't wait for the next. Five swimmer emojis!

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