***Review*** Dark Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

Dark Mafia Prince (Dark Mafia Prince, #1)Dark Mafia Prince by Annika Martin
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Where do I even begin? I suppose I'll start by saying this is the first book I've read by this author, and she has me hooked! I've always been a bit on the border with Mafia books, as they tend to fall short. This one though, this one was captivating and I could not put it down!

This book was riveting and fast paced and sexy! I could feel the heat between Aleksio, (love that name) and Mira. They both grew up in the same dark world, just on opposing ends. Despite everything that happened to them growing up, they still had that instant connect, as hard as Aleksio may have wanted to fight it. I loved all their little quips, like their, "What? I got a bluebird on my shoulder?" and their "happy baby animals." I loved the little bits of humor peeking through a somewhat dark veil.

I cannot wait to read Viktor's story as he seems to be a bit darker and rougher around the edges. I'm sure Kiro's story will be epic as well, three sexy, dangerous brothers, each a little darker than the last, or so I presume from what I've read about Kiro. I'm in a serious bookcoma after reading this! Bring on the next brat!!
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