Reaper's Fire (Reapers MC, #6)Reaper's Fire by Joanna Wylde
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5 stars

Reapers Fire is the 6th book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club series, although it can be read as a standalone novel. As this was my first book in the series (and by this author) I must admit I was a little worried that I'd be completely lost, but that certainly was not the case.

This is Tinker and Gage's story. Gage is your typical alpha male biker, rough around the edges, extremely possessive and of course, dominant! Tinker is a great character, she is strong and stubborn, but not too stubborn and will accept help when she needs it. She has fiercely loyal friends and is just as fierce in return.

Be prepared for some crude and rude language throughout this book, but if you are into MC books this shouldn't surprise nor shock you. I will be honest I kind of scrunched my nose at the opening few paragraphs, but that was simply because I wasn't expecting it, needless to say, when my brain caught up to what I was reading, this is when the real emotional journey began.

There are some really interesting plot lines throughout this book and the author did a fantastic job keeping the flow of the story and the pace on point. The characters in the book were all exceptionally written and had their good and bad points. Even the evil characters like Talia and Marsh played their roles well.

This book is certainly no fairytale, but it does have its fair share of good and evil and of course our knights in shining armour, they just happen to be wearing leather and riding motorbikes, so my idea of heaven, but each to their own.

I have fallen in love with this author's writing style and I have added the rest of the series to my tbr list, and would happily rate this book as a solid 5 stars.

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