Playing by Her Rules (Sydney Smoke Rugby, #1)Playing by Her Rules by Amy Andrews
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Playing by her Rules was a fab read I loved the characters and the plot, from the very start of the book I was drawn into Amy Andrews world and oh my what a world she created. With hot rugby players and a scorching female lead I can't wait to read more from the Sydney Smokey boys and the ladies and gents? That will claim their hearts.

For Matilda (Tilly) Kent life as a journalist is grand if only her editor would stop giving her fluff style peices it would be even better. Then it's her big break the only problem it involves Tanner Stone her ex the man that broke her heart and caused her to mistrust men. He's the reason her grandmother doesn't have great grandchildren.

Tanner Stone has only one regret that he had to break Matilda's heart to get her to follow her dreams, and he did it by making her think he was a cheat. Following her career he knows he did the right thing sacrificing their relationship, then it happens his chance to redeem himself when she has to do an expose on him. But with Tilly calling the shots he has to learn to play be her rules.

I love the redemption of Tanners character in this book, when I first started I thought he was a player with a capital P he cheats on our Nerdy girl then wants her back! But then as I read discovering the reason behind his actions And all he did to get Tilly back on side it became #mightbelove with this book.

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