Daughters of the BrideDaughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery
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A wedding always brings out the best and yeah sometimes the worst in people. Daughters of The Bride has both types of scenarios: feel good moments and others where your heart feels battered by the emotions/circumstances. Left with three young daughters to raise, Maggie did everything she needed to take care of her children: Courtney, Rachel and Sienna. Everyone's grown up and Maggie is finally having her moment of happiness: she's getting married. Only the wedding is not the main focus, Maggie's daughters and the men who capture their hearts are.

This book was chock full with three different and simultaneous love stories, new love and second chance love. Courtney and Quinn were awesome characters and were perfectly matched. The banter between the two makes their relationship fun and exciting. The growth that Greg and Rachel had to go through was hard but so worth it. Sienna's story was more of a personal journey than a love story. Besides the wonderful characters and plot lines, the author touches on an important subject of domestic abuse and how to help victims in a most tasteful way. I also really like the fact that she kept the setting centered on one place. So, in more than one place, all the stories connected. The characters were witty and charming and very likable.

While this standalone had all the elements of a great book, I did not connect as well with this book as I have with others. While I can't really say why the only thing I can think of is that the story is told from a 3rd person point of view throughout the whole book. There were definitely spots where I felt the author would have pulled more emotion if it was told from a first person POV. Also, the author had enough material for each couple, I could totally see smaller novellas for each couple.

This was a 3.5 to 4 star read for me. Would I read more from this author? Yes.

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