Dancing for the Badman (Russian Bratva, #3)Dancing for the Badman by Hayley Faiman
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From the sexy cover to the intriguing plot line, Dancing for the Badman is the third book in the Russian Bratva series and has everything I could have wanted in a good Mafia book. And I totally wanted this book! That the author has maintained the quality writing through out the series is a huge bonus for everyone who wants a little Russian Mafia in their life.

After ten years of believing, Tatyana and her unborn child is dead, Kirill comes face to face with the only woman he ever loved and to say it's a joyous reunion, well you'd be wrong. Tatiana, duped by an FBI agent in order for her to spill Bratva secrets, now finds herself dancing to support her and her daughter. When her past enters her present, Tatiana's future becomes far from certain.

Although the chemistry between Tatyana and Kirill was nothing short of volcanic and off the charts hot, I have to admit I was not sold on Kirill right away. I didn't agree with his treatment of Tati and more than once I wanted to jump in my IPad to knock some sense into him. Yet, this author knocked my socks off as I kept turning the pages. While Kirill grew on me, and it didn't take long...hahahaha, I couldn't help but love Tati's character from the get go. Connecting with her on a mom level was easy, because I realized if push came to shove, as a mom I'd do anything to give my child a boost in life any way possible. The strength of the female characters in this series is a major plus and why I keep on reading even when I don't like something in the story.

The plot line goes deeper into the Bratva and you come to understand the Bratva men are more than just brawn and violence. The author addresses, in the first two books in this series the cruel reality of human trafficking and does so again tastefully. How Kirill handles the threats...yeah I wish that's how easy it could be handled in reality.

With plot twists, secrets and lies, violent endings and beginnings, Dancing for the Badman is a total win for me. Now I'm going to have to twiddle my thumbs in waiting impatiently for Yakov and Ashley's story...I can't believe I'm wanting winter to come so bad!

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

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