Christine (Maidens & Monsters, #1)Christine by Marie Piper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first time reading a gothic/horror type story, and I really enjoyed it! I've always been a fan of murder mystery type books, and re-telling's/re-imagining's of classics/fairytales, and I thought the author did a great job creating this Phantom of the Opera, type tale.

The mystery floating around, that the Maiden's are trying to uncover, is quite intriguing. Curious to find out the truth surrounding the town and that one fateful day. One thing that bugged me a little was the almost insta-love between Christine and Eric. I think it bothered me because it seemed like Christine had a thing for Rafe and then switched gears so quickly. I liked the mention towards the end, of some new characters, from other classics, that I'm sure we'll be seeing in books to come. Looking forward to reading more about the other Maidens of Mapleton, especially Elizabeth, I really liked her spunk. I think her story might be a fun one to read about. Great start to this mysterious series!

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