Burn (Duplicity Duet, #2)Burn by Elisabeth Grace
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5 stars

I've been eagerly awaiting Burn since the ending to Hook left me stunned and the story picks up right where Hook leaves off. Unlike the first book, we get dual points of view from both Emily and Marco, a huge win, imo. If I'm a little vague in spots in my review, it's because I'm trying hard to avoid spoilers for both books.

The author does a great job of making you feel for her characters; Emily's devastation at the beginning is heartbreaking, and I felt for Marco as well, even before I understood why he made the decisions he did. Being as connected with the characters as I was made it difficult to read some later sections of the book; though I understood Emily's motivation and her actions were consistent with her character, it didn't make what happened any less cringe-worthy.

This is a really well-written book; the plot kept me engaged (which made it a super fast read for me) and both the flow and pacing were good. I really loved Hook, cliffhanger and all (I'm not usually much of a fan of cliffhangers) and if I didn't love Burn quite as much, it's more because that was an impossible task then any real lack in Burn; this was very satisfying and enjoyable conclusion to Marco and Emily's story. 5 stars

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