Five Star Review!

Absolute 5 STARS!!! I can not begin to explain the amount of emotions this book brought out in me. In fact as I write this review, I still feel this huge amount of weight on my chest and my eyes start to feel the burn of unshed tears brimming to the surface. We follow a quiet yet smart young girl Tess and the popular hot football player Sebastian through their first crush, first love, first and second heartbreak. I am still struggling with words to explain the amount of emotions this book brought to surface. It was an amazingly beautifully written story that had me screaming to my friends about how much I loved this ARC. The way this author put into such detail of how this couple met, flirted and fell in love, I felt like I was there living every step with them. I have to admit it really had me reliving my first love and yes my first heartbreak as well. I have never encountered such a book that literally made me feel everything these characters felt, at least not like this. There were times when I was screaming at the character to turn around fix this, and there were times when I couldn’t get the smile off my face if I tried. This is a book that will have you smiling, crying, laughing, have you on your knees praying for the hurt to end and then smiling all over again. This book had me crying even after my third time reading it. The funny thing is I had to put myself through this beautiful torture at least 2 more times after initially reading this book. As always while giving an honest review, I ask myself a couple of questions. Would I read this author again…. oh most definitely yes. Would I recommend this author to my friends...again hell yes (already did). Would I recommend this book to my friends….absofreakinlutely YES (In fact I already have). This author is new to me and I am now a fan. I gave this book a hands down 5 stars!

B2B Amy


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