Alpha Squad: Boot CampAlpha Squad: Boot Camp by Lorelei Moone
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Let me begin by saying I am a super fan of shifter stories. They're by far my favorite. I've read many different authors and most have different takes on true mates. This was my first story by this author and I absolutely loved it. She has a new fan in me. In this storyline true mates can hear each other's thoughts. Let me back track eric is a bear shifter and they've just come out to the world. In hopes of working together with humans an alpha squad is made. Eric is asked to be part of it and it just so happens janine is in charge. The squad is made with the hopes that they will fail. Little did they know that janine and eric turn out to be true mates. They have so much chemistry and are trying so hard to stay professional but how long can that last? The storyline is great, loved the characters , the action and the romance.

B2B Sandra

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