TITLE: Tracing Holland

AUTHOR: Alyson Santos

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

RELEASE DATE: Sept 12th, 2016

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Tracing Holland continues the story of Luke Craven, Callie Roland, and Casey Barrett from Night Shifts Black. It is strongly recommended that readers begin with Night Shifts Black to truly appreciate the growth and interaction of these characters in Tracing Holland.

Second chances are hard enough when you deserve them. Then there are the ones you donít.

Callie asked if I was ready. And thatís the question, isnít it? Ready for what? The spotlight? The music? Or ready for life. Ready to face the reality that what was is going to attack the very fabric of who I am now. No one knows Iím a different person. Well, no one except the two most important people in my life, which is why thereís a remote chance I might actually pull off the comeback I never saw coming.

Then again, that was before Holland Drake crashed into my life. I didnít ask for her. Heaven knows she didnít ask for me. But sometimes itís not about what makes sense; itís about accepting that not everything will. Itís learning you have a choice when it feels like you donít. Itís believing even the worst past can still have a future.

And sometimes itís none of that. Sometimes itís survival. A blind fight through the pain as you cling to any shred of hope you can find. And itís in those moments, those desperate pleas into the darkness for a flicker of light, when you have no choice but to confront the blessing that often feels like a curse.

Youíre still alive. Youíre still significant. Youíre once again Luke Craven, frontman for Night Shifts Black.






His name is Luke. But nobody knows that. He was an iconic musician before he gave up music. But nobody knows that either. They also donít know heís twenty-seven, that he used to have an infectious laugh, and that heís way too young to be widowed. They certainly donít know the rest of his tragic story. All they know is that he comes into their cafÈ at the same time every morning and stares at the same chair at the same table. They know heís strange. They know he interrupts their breakfast with a cold blast of air as he hovers in the doorway, mustering the courage to confront a piece of furniture.

No one asks why. No one cares. Heís fine with that. Heís done with life. This isnít even his story anymore. Itís actually Callieís, the young writer who sat in his chair one day.


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Greetings from the Inside is a song written and produced exclusively based from the story of Night Shifts Black.

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Greetings from the Inside (feat. Night Shifts Black) is also available for purchase on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

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Iím a writer, musician, and cat lover. Iím an alternative music junkie. Seriously, totally addicted.
I write what needs to come out, whether itís pain, tears, or laughter. I write people and relationships, about the beauty and horror of what we do to ourselves and each other. I write Love. Vengeance. Compassion. Cruelty. Trust. Betrayal. Forgiveness. Darkness, and the incredible way humans destroy and heal each other. I like to eradicate barriers, refusing to be confined by the laws of physics or limitations of reality. I will befriend a vast population of possibilities and introduce them in ways that might surprise you.  











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