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Something Precious (Something Amazing, #2; Something Great, #5)Something Precious by M. Clarke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Something Precious

Welcome back to the Fashion world, that is all I that k need to say about Something Precious, the next instalment in M Clarke's Knight series this sequel to Something Amazing picks up Rachel and Jax's story. Be warned Something precious should not be read as a standalone if you have brought this book and not read Something Amazing, stop, turn around, and go back to the book store/website wherever you got your copy of SP and pick up SA and purchase it.

With their wedding around the corner nothing could be more right in Rachel and Jax's world, Chloe (Jax's ex is out of the picture), Jace (Jax's 5 year old son) is living happily and well adjusted with Rachel and Jax. But life is never easy and self doubt starts to creep in with Rachel wondering if she and Jax are meant to last, especially when Jax makes some errors that had me screaming NO!!!! Stop, think again, change your mind, don't do it!

Full of the beautiful people and the fashion world this book was a 3.5star read for me with some favourite characters returning, I know Jax is the leading man but it's his brother Hendrix that's my favourite character he captured my heart in SA and kept it throughout SP too although he does have some stiff competition from the very cute Jace that little boy is my second heart stealer.



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