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Something I Need (xoxo Nashville, #1)Something I Need by Lena Lowe
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This is Lena Lowe's debut book and the first in the Nashville series.

Jonte Williamson comes to Nashville from Australia to chase her dream of becoming a country singer. Upon arrival she finds herself homeless and ends up in a bar. Its in this bar she meets Cash and his twin Dolly (yes u read that right....Cash and Dolly)

Cash Bellini owns the very bar Jonte finds herself in. At first Cash seems easy going but it soon becomes clear he has his own demons....Demons that make him hate country music and everything associated with it. Not only does Cash hate country he also hates the idea of love, of falling in love. So why cant he seem to take his eyes off Jonte? And why does he find himself wanting to help her and keep her safe? But the most important question of all....what the hell is with these feelings he gets everytime she is near him?

Not only are Jonte and Cash great characters but so are all the supporting ones aswell. Dean and Dolly are two of my favourite! What makes this story unique for me though is that it doesnt follow the typical pattern stories of this genre normally do. You know the one right? Boy meets girl, they fall in love, something comes along to ruin it, que the romantic gesture and declaration of love and boom all is right in the world again. While Cash and Jonte do get their HEA what sets this apart is Jonte makes him work for it....really work for it, and you as a reader are left asking if their actually going to get their HEA right down to the last second.

Brilliantly refreshing are two words i would use to describe this book! I cant wait to read more from this series.

B2B Danni

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