Review! The Sister Code by Haley Allison

The Sister Code (D.O.R.K. Series, #2)The Sister Code by Haley Allison
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The Sister Code (D.O.R.K. book 2) by Haley Allison
5 stars!!

Ahhhhh!!! Where do I even start?!! I could not wait to rip into this book after the ending of book one! Book one left me for real hanging and book two pretty much does the same!

In Sister Code, Raven and Mads make a pact to pretty much get in good with the media to up their celebrity status. Raven tries to mold Mads into an identical version of her. Which is funny because, yes they may be identical twins, but the two are as different as night and day. Mads is a sweet, down to earth, girl next door type, trying to make it in the cruel world that is Hollywood. Raven sum it up, a spoiled, entitled, conniving, vindictive...okay, you get my drift...she's an evil b****. I was never really crazy about Raven, and at the twins birthday her true colors come soaring out. Which, in all honesty, wasn't too much of a shocker, but still I wanted to believe that underneath all that ugliness, was a halfway decent person. One person that did surprise me was Gio. I don't want to give anything away, but what a turn of events!!

I cannot wait for book three and the new journey Mads will be enduring. Her and Dalton have their band complete and I'm hoping to hear more about that journey, mixed in with that sibling rivalry of course! I'm really loving some of the new characters in this book and I'm really excited to see where the author takes them. I'm sure book three will be a wild ride and I hope I don't have to wait too long to read it!! Love this series!!

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