Review! Rounding Third by Michelle Lynn

Rounding ThirdRounding Third by Michelle Lynn
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Rounding Third

My first Michelle Lynn book and I was hooked, what a book, what a read, What a couple. I fell in love with Crosby and Cinderella 'Ella', the high school sweethearts that were separated by tragedy of their best friends deaths. This book put me through the emotional wringer I laughed and cried as I watched the star crossed pair fall back in love despite the odds stacked against them.

When the stars finally align and Crosby gets the chance to join the division 1 college of his dreams. The college he gave up when his best friends died in a car crash, ending his relationships with his high school girlfriend Ella and his remaining best friend Brax. But college life isn't quiet all he hoped. Hoping to reconnect with Ella his hopes are dashed when he finds out she's seeing someone new. I loved Crosby he was cocky and a little arrogant about his chances of regaining Ella's heart but I fell in love with him just like Ella. My heart broke when I realised that he and Ella may not end up together but this is a romance it had to work out didn't it?

A five star read I can't wait to read more from this series following the lives and loves of a collegiate baseball team. I hope Michelle Lynn writes a story about Brax and Jen in the future the pair were my favourite sub characters in the book with the witty banter and the sexual frustration between the two.



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