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Ruthless (Lawless, #1)Ruthless by Lexi Blake
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A perfect blend of heat, suspense and humor

Riley Lawless and his siblings end up in foster care after his father's partners kill both his father and mother and set it up to look like a murder-suicide. It fact, the whole family was supposed to die that night, but twenty years later, Riley and his brothers and sister are ready to take the next steps in their plan to get justice and revenge. Ellie Stratton, daughter of of one of the people who committed the crime is the current focus of that plan, but Ellie has plans and secrets of her own. This is the first book in a new series which is a bit of a spin-off of the Masters and Mercenaries series (where Riley's sister, Mia and her husband, Case have their own story), but it's not necessary to read Masters and Mercenaries first.

I love stories about troubled and/or damaged characters finding love, so I really enjoyed the story of these two damaged characters coming together (Riley and both of his brothers were left damaged by their parents' murders and the events that followed, while Ellie was left a different kind of damage after her mother dies and she's raised by a cold and critical father). I really liked the character growth Riley showed over the course of the story and Ellie was intelligent and caring, and there was plenty of chemistry between the two.

With complex and interesting characters, a plot full of twists and turns that kept me engaged, as well as great pacing, this story was a perfect blend of heat, suspense and humor. No cliffhanger, but not all the questions were answered, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting those answers with Bran and Drew's stories. 5 stars

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