Review! Gunslinger: A Sports Romance by Lisa Lang Blakeney

Gunslinger: A Sports RomanceGunslinger: A Sports Romance by Lisa Lang Blakeney
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What a book, what a read, what a player! I loved this book, I've never read a book by Lisa Lang Blakely and I will be looking for more based on gunslinger, in fact I'm hoping that the author will bring out more books from her football world.

This story starts with a slightly typical meeting for our hero and heroine with the pair meeting in a bar but don't be fooled this is no tale of one night stands revisited. Our hero is the 'Gunslinger' Saint Stevenson a powerful QB who brings the Alpha into Alpha male. When Saint sees a drunk girl at the bar on what could only be his worst night ever he sees her safely back to her room with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek. However a chance encounter years later gives him the chance to make his move but she can't remember their past encounter. For Sabrina when she's approached by a cocky jerk in a restaurant she shoots him down, however you don't get to be the QB, winner of the Heisman trophy, and top Draft pick by being easy to dissuade.

When 2 stubborn and driven people meet there's bound to be a clash and with this pair that's certainly true. I love the way Saint blackmailed Sabrina into giving in and spending time with him, but Even though she gave in she went down swinging. In general I love reading about Football/Rugby/Hockey Playerz and MMA fighters there's something about these men powerful, strong that gets my Heart beating faster and just drawn into the book so much quicker as I read. I'm not going to lie this wasn't the best football romance that I have read recently but it was very close this book is getting a 4.5 rating.



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