Review! Broken LionBroken Lion by Devon Hartford

Broken LionBroken Lion by Devon Hartford
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I just finished Broken Lion and all I can say is ROAR! This is my first read from this author and won't be my last. As an avid book nerd, I read all types of novels and many different authors but primarily I read female authors. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with Lion and Brigid's story all coming from the creative mind of a male author. Well Done!

Broken Lion follows the love story of Lion Maxwell and Brigid Flanagan. Lion is a super hot MMA fighter suffering a possible career ending injury. Brigid, a divorced, orthopedic doctor has the pleasure of treating Lion in the ER. The consultation brought these two more than they bargained for because the electricity between the two crackled and no one was spared...not even Candy... LOL! Their love story spins out of control as their attraction spill out of the hospital due to Lion not taking no for an answer. a, which for the setting of the story is totally agains the rules.They face a number of obstacles, yet they find their way to each other.

Lion Maxwell character had muscles upon muscles and the biggest one thumped for Brigid. I loved the cockiness mixed with tons of heart. I loved that he had a down to earth quality behind his MMA persona. I also loved the name of the cats....awesome touch. The author does a wonderful job with the depth of his characters and his plot twists by adding meat to his twists by broaching several heavy subjects such as : working single motherhood, ethics between Doctor/patient, and life after prison. My only point of contention with this great story is it got slow in some parts and had some repetitiveness. I also found myself frustrated with Brigid when she was indecisive... I wanted to say noooo be the assertive woman you can be.

Broken Lion is a solid 4 - 4.5 stars for me and this author's other books just got added to my TBR mountain....yay!

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