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Seventeen DaysSeventeen Days by D.B. James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seventeen Days is not just a love story, its a story about coming of age, finding yourself and learning to ride the storms life throws at you.

On her eighteenth birthday Morgans life changes forever, she goes from spoilt little rich girl, daughter of a supermodel. To living with her aunty in a small town in Alabama. While Morgan is living with her aunt secrets are revealed, Morgans life shifts and above all else she falls in love and goes from a girl to a woman.

Harrison doesnt believe in love, everyone he ever loved left him. Upon graduating from university he takes over his parents business after they pass. When Savannah asks him to keep an eye on her niece Harrison doesnt expect to like her let alone fall in love. He fully intended to hate the spoilt little rich girl who got mixed up in the wrong things and landed herself in his town.....until he sees her, gets to know her and realises Morgan isnt as spoilt as he thought....and all he wants to do is take away the sadness, protect her and above all else love her.

When i was first introduced to Morgan i instantly disliked her, she came accross as a spoilt rich kid meddling in drugs, wasting her life away. It wasnt until i got to know her that my opinion changed, i felt for her, for the things that happened to her at the hands of her mother....someone who is meant to love her unconditionally. I think this is the first time ive done a complete 180 on a character and im glad i did. Harrison on the other hand i loved him instantly, and was glad he was the guy Morgan opened upto. Both Morgan and Harrison had me rooting for them to have a HEA, both have known heartache, both havent had an easy life and both of them find it hard to trust let alone open their hearts to love. Morgan is full of sass and also kind hearted, and Harrison is all alpha male but ultimately just wants the best for Morgan.

This book was a little fast paced but then again thats to be expected given the title. Overall a great debut book and i look forward to seeing more from this author.

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