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Mettle (Spartan Riders, #2)Mettle by J.C. Valentine
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Tucker "Country" Abrams, former Special Forces, now the Sargent at Arms for the Spartan Riders, likes women (lots of women) and is intent on maintaining his relationship-free status. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating the local human trafficking problems and the Spartan Riders are their prime suspects. As the agent assigned to the case, Talia McKinnon is determined to find the missing women, and it's Tucker she has in her sights to get information from. Information or sex, maybe both. The second book in the Spartan Riders series, while Mettle can be read as a standalone, there's a lot of setup done in the first book, so you gain a lot of background by reading Grit first.

These are great characters. I loved the strength Talia has; she's no pushover and she goes after what she wants (and that includes getting between the sheets with Tucker). Meanwhile, I alternated between laughing at the way Tucker denies that he has anything special with Talia (when everyone can see the opposite is true) and fanning myself over his alpha ways in the bedroom and sighing when he calls Talia, "sugar".

The author does a great job building suspense throughout the story; you know the shoe is coming, but when it happens, that shoe doesn't just drop, it slams into you from a completely unexpected direction and leaves you breathless. Great characters, lots of heat and intensity mixed in with humor and suspense, and you have a 5 star, can't-put-down read.

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