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Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss, #4)Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh
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For me a Nalini Singh book is a must buy, I love her psy -changelling series, but enough about my mild Nalini Singh obsession lets get back to the reason I am writing the review Rock Wedding the latest and kind of final I think I can say that in NS's Rock series.

Rock wedding is the story of Schoolboy choir Keyboardist Abe and his ex wife Sarah's rekindled love. Having battled with addiction and come out the other side it's time for Abe to finally make amends with the person he hurt the most during his addicted phase. When at a festival with the rest of the band Abe and Sarah's paths cross and his chance to put things right between them arrives, especially when her current love interest shows his true colours and gives Abe the chance to be Sarah's White Knight. For Sarah loving Abe was easy even after all he did she still loved him, leaving and divorcing him was about protecting herself from his self destructive behaviour and to hopefully bring him to his senses.

This book at 248 pages in length was a very quick read for me, yet when you consider the plot I don't know how the author managed to squeeze so much in to what felt like an extremely short story. Ms Singh tells us this is her final instalment of schoolboy choir but that we may see the boys in some future books with Rock Hards Gabriel's family being our heroes. As the culmination of the series as we know it this book ties a lot of loose ends in t the story with not 1 but 3 weddings. So far this book gets 5 stars that being said I think if you were coming to this book and the characters fresh having not read any of the previous books in the series this would probably be a 4star read so I am averaging out my rating to 4.5 ( however if you have read the series from the start you know that's really a 5+star read you will get.)

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