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Olivia's Ride (Sawyer Brothers Book 4)Olivia's Ride by C.A. Harms

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The fourth book in the Sawyer Brothers series, we first met Olivia Sawyer as a teenager in the first book, Ryan's Love, when she was still struggling to deal with the loss of her mother. While it's not necessary to have read the previous books in the series, it does add to the experience as they all build on each other.

Now twenty, Olivia (Liv) is going to college and has grown into an intelligent, confident, capable young woman; she just needs to convince her overprotective father and uncles of that. Keeton Pearce is essentially alone, going to college on an academic scholarship and supporting himself by working as a mechanic, having moved into his own apartment to get away from an abusive and alcoholic father and brother. He's intent on making a better life for himself and doesn't want to see his past tarnish the relationship he wants to build with Liv.

I really liked the characters of Keeton and Liv; they're both intelligent, likable and funny; the author did a nice job with the supporting characters as well, including the whole Sawyer clan. I did find the plot a little predictable in spots but the pacing was good. The only real quibble I have is with the writing style, which didn't always work for me; dialogue wasn't always realistic, at times lacking contractions, and the language was sometimes a little too formal to suit the character (food was consumed instead of eaten). Still, this is a light, sweet read with a little heat and plenty of laughter. 3.5 to 4 stars

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