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Love TapLove Tap by M.N. Forgy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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A knock-out doesn’t even describe the beauty and rawness of Love Tap. I can safely say if I wasn’t a girl, I would have fallen for Tatum “HellCat” Davis. This awesome character has definitely made the list of my all time favorite book heroines. However, both Camden and Tate in Love Tap steal pieces of your heart when you read their story. A story I absolutely LOVED!!!

Told from both Tate and Camden’s POV combined with flashbacks, you find yourself quickly immersed in this one of a kind, hard earned love story. Talk about a damn nail biter! So much so, my poor girls had ruined mac n cheese because I poured too much water in while I stood reading my kindle. Yes, I wouldn’t put it down and I’m sure you won’t either. The story does not quit! With a beginning filled with angst and pain, I will say I was shocked. I had to check that I was reading the right author...Lol! This wasn’t an MC book! No, this book was more.

The author brought forth so much emotion and I’d hazard to bet this story was this author’s finest writing to date. The topics of the aftermath of cancer and death, abusive boyfriends, debt, underground fighting, found myself completely vested in Tate and Camden’s story. These characters, especially Tate, were phenomenal. Tate is a true diamond in the rough and a no nonsense girl that sticks to who she is and makes no apologies. Where the author does magic, is the complimentary hero, Camden. As a young boy Camden loved Tate as is, no frills necessary. As a man, the fact that time had not changed the girl who stole his heart at his birthday party, Camden’s love for Tate is so much deeper, even though it takes him a while to realize this.

The story is a standalone and has a long but deliciously earned HEA. To get there, you will find yourself immersed in the world of MMA training and fighting and not be lost. Also, you will find yourself rooting on Tate “Hellcat” Davis as she accomplishes what she sets out to do from the very beginning when she goes home, make a successful career and win the heart of the man she loves back.

Outstanding 5 stars for me.

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