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Kicker (DS Fight Club #1)Kicker by Josie Kerr
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3 stars

Kicker is the first book the DS Fight Club Series by author Josie Kerr. Whilst this is a sweet romance story based around a fight club, the author has done a great job at keeping the story focused on the characters and their relationships and avoiding the details of the actual fighting.

For me the story had plenty of potential but it didn’t quite hit the mark, there was just something lacking. Parts of the story were really drawn out, and others I felt needed more details.

I loved the idea of the female lead, Charlotte, being a little older at 36, but she was not a strong enough character to hold my interest. Tig was more interesting to read about, but as a 29 year old cage fighter and someone who was supposedly helping to keep the family farm afloat, I expected him to be a little more alpha male but he came across as very young and a little immature.

I enjoyed reading about the relationships between Tig and his teammates and Charlotte and her new work colleagues/friends but I just didn’t connect with any of the characters, and the only person that really piqued my interest was Pierce who was only ever mentioned briefly, he was intense and maybe has a story to tell.

Lastly the manner in which the book was written was a little confusing, it seemed to switch between alternating POV’s and third person, but the switch would take place mid chapter. Overall the story is an easy read.

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