***Review*** Go BigGo Big by Joanna Blake

Go BigGo Big by Joanna Blake
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Go Big by Joanna Blake

This is the story of Cade a rookie baseball player and Camille the daughter of the baseball team owner, told in joint POV, it's an exciting read. Included in Go Big is the Man Candy Trilogy from Joanna Blake, so this book is definitely worth the read. Having read a few from the author before I knew what to expect her books are always about alpha males and sassy female leads. Unlike a lot of erotic authors JB doesn't go straight to the wham bam insta love route. There is a build up to the leads 1st sexual encounter and nothing is ever plain sailing for the couple, She uses a plot and storyline in her writing along with hot eroticism.

Ok so I've told you that Cade is a rookie on a Baseball team What I haven't told you is that he is 'the Rookie', the next biggest thing and he knows it. A good ole boy that could play ball he gave up his chance to play baseball to go work on the rigs to earn money. Money that he sent home to take care of his younger brothers and sisters (can I get an aaawwwwwwwaaaahhhhh!) but the majors won't take no for an answer and he ends up on a top team. The daughter of a self made man Camille has it all a spoilt princess she's used to calling the shots.

When these 2 meet there's nothing but sparks and a game of cat and mouse as Cade stalks Camille (don't worry it's not the creepy heavy breathing phone calls or following on dark streets). It was a really hot read! I'm giving this book 4 stars it could have been 5 the story was there but there were a few cringe reading moments - I'm sorry JB but Baby Batter just gave me shudders and not the good kind.


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