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Complexity (The Kinky Connect Chronicles #4)Complexity by Harper Miller
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Manny is a trainer making a decent living. Between working at the gym and building his own client list, he doesn’t have time for a relationship. Truth be told, he doesn’t want one. He enjoys the freedom of one-night stands and multiple hook ups. On one particular night, he chooses to update his profile in Kinkysingles.com to fit his ever-evolving sexual needs. The initial men who contacted him were not worth his time, but when “Vinnie messaged him” all bets were off.

“Vinnie,” also known as Chris needed to keep his sexuality hidden. As a popular actor, he was concerned about the hit his career would take if anyone found out. He was looking for something discreet and liked the profile he saw. He decided to set something up with Manny, but what they didn’t expect was the relationship that would result.

I really enjoyed this story. For its short length, it touched on so many themes that I didn’t expect. Manny was a bisexual tough guy Latino man from the neighborhood and he kept a portion of his sexuality hidden. Manny was in no way afraid to speak his mind and never apologized for who he was for the most part, but still had to keep parts under wraps. I loved that the author didn’t shy away from writing about what type of person he had to pretend to be based on his ethnicity and neighborhood. I really felt for Chris. He has so much pressure in his life that it’s a wonder he kept it together for so long. Things come to a head and feelings get hurt. The ending made my jaw drop and I was like what the heck! And then I kept reading and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Five stars!
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