***Review*** The Baller's Secret Baby: A Sports Romance by Normandie Alleman

The Baller's Secret Baby: A Sports Romance (Barnes Family Book 1)The Baller's Secret Baby: A Sports Romance by Normandie Alleman
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The baller's Secret Baby opened a whole new avenue of sports romance for me, I've enjoyed American Football and hockey romances but I've never come across a Basketball Romance before. This was a read that held a little bit of everything, Rockers, Reality Tv, Celebrity, Sports, Childhood Sweethearts and Feuding families and to top it off hot sex. Wow when I write it all down that seems like a lot to have as part of only 1 book but it was brilliantly written I was hooked from the 1st paragraph with Nick and Eden's life.

Top Ball player Nick Barnes has grown up in celebrity, the eldest child of Rocker Ziggy Barnes the spot light has always been near by. But celebrity has its own hazards with pregnancy plots by 'groupies' (I've checked there no cute term like puck bunny for these girls that I can find.) ruining his status as a player and forcing him to a life of celibacy (well almost). For Eden Evans dancing and being a pro cheerleader is all she's ever wanted and she's finally achieved it. Having lost touch with Nick when their fathers and the rest of the band Blacksmith died in a plan crash she is shocked when he contacts her after one of her shows.

With a rekindled flame the attraction between Nick and Eden burns bright but they each hold themselves back Eden with the fear that Nick is more than a player on court but a player with his personal life, Nick not wanting to commit to a relationship during the season. There is a kind of instalove theme going on throughout this book (However not really as Eden and Nick were childhood sweethearts.) and some of the plot directions were obvious as you read but they were generally done well so as to keep the readers attention I'm giving the Baalers Secret Baby a 4.5 star rating I can't wait to read more from the Barnes family.

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