**Review** Bad Boys After Dark: Mick by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark: Mick (Bad Boys After Dark #1; After Dark #5; Love in Bloom #47)Bad Boys After Dark: Mick by Melissa Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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A little bit of anonymity goes a long way, at least that’s what the heroine, Amanda, in Bad Boys: Mick thinks. Low and behold, she’s wrong and before she accomplishes what she set out to do, Amanda finds herself in the place she’d never thought she’d be, in Mick Bad’s arms.

This was a fast paced sexy read with a ton of heart. Shorter than my last book, this author took me quickly out of my book funk I was embarking on in a New York second. This story’s plot surprised me completely as I didn’t envision the story to draw enough emotion for my eyes to leak. I was seriously vested in the hot, steamy scenes. Then, boom, boy was I wrong! Mick’s story just got me tied up in knots. Throughout the story, I loved how outrageously strong Mick is and damn is he sexy. Yes ladies, you will want a little piece of Mr. Bad too. No need to fight though, Mick has brothers...Lol! Yes, I can see me being very one-click happy with this author’s books.

Here’s the kicker with this book, the author did not overtly state the fact of Mick’s wealth. This was uber refreshing. She made Mick the right amount of complicated and broken with a soft underbelly. That she chose, Amanda, to seem demure and yet have an inner steel in order to restrain and soothe Mick, absolute gold.

This was my first read from this author and it was hella hot and full of deliciousness. No doubt, I will be looking out for all the Bad Boys and any other characters this author pens.

5 Hot Stars for me.

B2B Mila

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