***Review*** After the Scrum by Dahlia Donovan

After the ScrumAfter the Scrum by Dahlia Donovan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caddock is a Rugby player who had a career ending injury. He suffered another crushing blow when he lost his brother as well. He wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time find a place to raise his orphaned nephew Devlin. He decides to open a bar in Looe and hires an interior designer to get things in order. What he didn’t expect was a breath of fresh air named Francis to catch his eye.
Francis is a quirky and sensitive interior designer with a therapy dog name Sherlock and a car named Watson. A failed relationship and a past traumatic event sent him from London and back to his hometown of Looe. He is still suffering the after effects of his trauma when Caddock comes into his life.
I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I loved the awkwardness that is Francis. There were so many funny moments where Francis and Caddock’s banter had me in stiches . With every light moment there was also a heartfelt one. What happened to Francis in London affected him so much and it was nice that he had Caddock to get him through. Francis was good for Caddock as well. When issues arouse, they were eventually able to resolve them and be the family that each has always wanted. A touching read with some hilarity that I really liked. Four stars

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