Layers of Smoke by Jacqueline Noir

Layers of Smoke (The Lies Trilogy #1)Layers of Smoke by Jacqueline Noir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fast, sensual ride

Addilynn is a college student who has had some kind dramatic break with her family, is struggling for money, and is instantly attracted to Marcos. Marcos is very nearly the epitome of the mysterious stranger; other than that he has a car customization business and is the brother of Addilynn's best friend, we know little about him. Well, and that the chemistry he has with Addilynn is off the charts.

First of a trilogy and my first book by this author, Layers of Smoke left my head spinning. The title is extraordinarily appropriate, as there are a lot of layers to this story and almost nothing is spelled out crisply and clearly; I was left with way more questions than answers at the end, and yet I was amazed at how engaged I was with so little information given in the way of backstory. This is one fast, sensual ride with a cliffhanger ending that left me completely hooked and waiting for the next book but was just way too short. 4.5 stars

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