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Until We CollideUntil We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield
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The words hysterically funny, heartwarming and highly recommended are just a few words aptly describing this wonderful novel, Until We Collide. This was my first read of Charlotte Fallowfield and I know it won't be my last.

The old adage of "two ships passing through the night" is simply Paige and Alec's love story. At the impressionable age of 18, young Paige fell for the swoon worthy slightly older Alec from the time their eyes met. Yet unbeknownst to Kate, Alec had fallen for her just the same. Only, Alec was unavailable at the time. This theme continues throughout the book which endears to every girl's romantic notion of whether Cinderella would ever truly have her Prince Charming. She must right? The story is so engaging from the very start I did not want to put the book down since I just had to know when, if and how Paige would have her happily ever after and would it be with Alec.

While the unrequited love story that ensues between Paige and Alec over 13 years is wonderfully written and captured my attention and heart. The true gem of Until We Collide is Paige's single-life dating experiences. I was taken on some of the most hilarious dating experiences I'm not soon to forget. Cow shit, lake water, lip glue, gorilla sightings, barbed wires, a raging bull and a dodgy flasher boyfriend, Paige's dating life kept me laughing till my sides ached. Every scenario was funnier than the last and not over done.

Ms. Fallowfield not only penned a wonderfully funny love story. She penned an awesome leading lady and a debonair leading man. And because Paige and Alec's characters were not awesome enough in the story, Ms. Fallowfield penned some really awesome best friends that I utterly fell in love with too. Hell, I could honestly say I would love a Poppie for a best friend... Oh wait I have some Poppies in my life now. LOL!

Until We Collide is wonderfully written and keeps you interested and guessing at the same time. I can honestly say the way this book is written I would not be surprised if someone makes this into an awesome romantic comedy movie. I would be the first in line to buy a ticket! So, if you want a good love story and barrel of laughs along the way, make Until We Collide your next great read.

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